Hunt Etiquette & RULES

NB - Although everyone is very welcome, please ensure all riders and horses are covered by your own public liability insurance before joining one of our days.

It is advisable to call the secretary prior to the meet to confirm venue

On arrival at the meet make yourself known to the cap secretary who will be collecting your cap

If you have any question on the day, you can ask either one of the Masters

Your horse should be smartly turned out, plaited if possible, except for hound exercising

You should wear a green ribbon on your horses tail if it is young or inexperienced and a red ribbon if your horse is prone to kick.  If you wear a red ribbon please ensure you stay at the back of the field.

Show respect to all landowners, farmers, their crops and stock

Give priority to hounds and hunt staff

When jumping try and give the person in front of you time to clear the fence, this is especially important when jumping large hedges

Report any broken fences etc as soon as safe to do so to the field master

Any broken fences may be charged for, at erected prices if you do not follow the line or instructions from the masters.

Follow instructions from your field master

All car followers must stay on road and tracks, and not venture onto farmland, unless expressively asked to do so, by a member of hunt staff

All riders, horses and followers participate at their own risk and no responsibility is taken by any member of the hunt for any accident, however it may be caused

The owner of a horse is liable for its actions and all riders must carry their own liability insurance cover for themselves and their horses

Foot followers - please be careful not to walk to, or around the jumps until hounds have passed as you may spoil their line


Hound exercising - hacking jackets, tweed or rat catchers with a shirt and tie

2/3 hours hack, steady pace - some optional jumping possible

Hunting - formal dress - black or (blue for ladies) jackets, white stock

Most lines do not exceed 3ft 6ins

OJD - Optional Jumping Day


Terms you may hear out Hunting

"Hounds please" Usually called at the meet and means the pack is coming through, move out of the way and turn your horse's head to face them

"Ware hole/wire on the left/right" This means someone has spotted a hole/wire on the left/right.  Pass this message down the field to warn other riders

"Hold hard" This is often accompanied by a raised hand.  You must stop immediately and pass the message back

"Single file" You must stay in single file, this usually applies to a drilled field or wet land

"Gate please" Pass the message down the field and whoever is last must shut the gate.  It is polite for someone to wait with whoever shuts the gate, to avoid their horse trying to follow the field

"Car please" A car is trying to pass through.  Move onto a verge and let them pass

"Hound/Whip on the left/right" A hound or whip is coming through the field on the left/right, please move over to let them through